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Orange County Dental Implants

Dental implants both look and feel natural.

Losing a tooth can often affect your life in more than one way, both from the pain of the incident itself (often either due to tooth decay or physical trauma) and from the resulting image it can leave with you and your smile.

Thankfully, there is a solution that can help you both close the gap in your teeth while returning you to a natural looking smile: dental implants.

Why Are Missing Teeth Bad?

Aside from the cosmetic effect of a missing tooth, often making people feel uncomfortable smiling and thus losing confidence in themselves, missing teeth can have a number of other risks for your dental health as well. When a tooth is missing from your natural gum line, the teeth surrounding the gap can often shift, creating improper bites and additional areas for both plaque and tartar to collect, thus increasing the risks you face of tooth decay.

Missing teeth often also put additional stress on the teeth surrounding the gap, meaning extensive wear and tear can develop over time. Often times, a missing tooth will also cause your gums to recede from where the tooth once was, with jaw bone shrinkage occurring in many cases should multiple teeth be missing and unable to help support your bone structure.

How Orange County Dental Implants Work

Dental Implants Orange CountyDental implants in Orange County are placed in the space created by a missing tooth and are attached to a surgically implanted post that is installed where the natural tooth root either was or was supposed to be (in cases where teeth did not develop naturally).

An artificial tooth modeled to resemble your natural teeth and replace whatever tooth is missing then covers the post, which has been grafted to your bone.

How Dental Implants Can Help

Dental implants have proven effective in deterring a number of oral issues associated with missing teeth while also helping to maintain your natural look and smile. Additionally, Anaheim dental implants, unlike alternative solutions such as bridges, help prevent gum recession over time and potential bone shrinkage due to the metal post acting as a substitute tooth root.

Dental implants also help prevent damage to surrounding teeth compared to dental Dental Implants Fullertonbridges, which must be secured in place by attaching crowns to nearby teeth (requiring some removal of natural, healthy tooth enamel to accommodate the crown) and can last significantly longer than most dental solutions – often up to 25 years with regular cleanings and proper oral hygiene.

If you are considering receiving dental implants in Orange County to replace a missing tooth, consult with Dr. Vora and his staff to see if you are a candidate and schedule a screening process today at Smile 4 U.

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